American football: shortly about betting

It is a special kind of sport, because it doesn’t have any analogue. Many people believe that rugby is similar one, but indeed there are fundamental differences. Today this sport is the most widespread in the United States, where bettors gain billions of dollars gambling on it.

Basic game particularities to know

Before puzzling out in the betting let’s check its main features, for instance:

  • the match lasts 60 minutes, the regulation time is divided into four quarters, each of 15 minutes’ duration;
  • two teams of eleven people take part in here;
  • the general aim is to score as many points as possible by moving the ball to the end zone;
  • only four attempts are given to draw the ball, in case the team hasn’t passed 10 yards, the next attempt begins;
  • six points are awarded for bringing the ball into the end zone (in other words a touchdown);
  • every rival club can get three points if it’s too far to reach the end zone and there are few attempts in a rally;
  • after the touchdown, the team can score one or two points: if the player scores on goal, the attack is awarded with one point, but if the athletes play the ball with the entry into the end zone – two points are gained.

American football in the field

Such bets are usually made in the pre-match or live mode. Many bookmakers try to create optimal conditions for bettors, so this sport gambling is good in spite of the chosen leagues and tournaments.
The most significant top championship is considered to be the North American League (NFL) (the National Football Conference (NFC) is the part of it). For example, the season finale broadcast (called Super Bowl) gathers tens of millions of fans from around the world every year. Among the powerful clubs are Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, etc. By the way, the last one is a three-time NFL champion and the only team in the League that has won titles in three different cities, for this reason lots of bettors prefer place exactly on the LA Rams.

europa bet
Thus, it’s not weird that the NFC bets are mostly spread everywhere. For sure, bettors can choose the leagues of other countries like Canada, Russian Federation, etc. The National Collegiate Athletic Association league (NCAA) is popular too, especially in the USA, where it lies in second place after the NFL.

The kinds of stakes – review

While betting on matches such staking types can be offered by a bookmaker:
The game’s result. Here the bettor needs to choose how the match will end. Stakes are accepted on the regular time and the overtime one, but they are obligatory divided in two separate sectors, so it’s important to be careful when placing a bet with this point. Sometimes quarters’ and halves’ results are calculated apart.

  1. Handicap. It’s necessary to predict the correct lead in victory (if the bet is made on the favorite) or, on the contrary, the lead with which the team won’t lose to the opponent (if the stake is placed on the underdog). Handicaps can be positive or negative, in rare cases, the bookmaker can offer a zero handicap.
  2. Total. It’s about the determination of the number of effective actions. The total for points is common here. It can be found in the list for the whole match, in separate quarters or halves. At the same time, it’s allowed to gamble on the total number of points scored by two sides or by a particular team. Bettors can also mind total touchdowns, field goals, fouls and other indicators.
  3. Additional events. In some agencies, stakes on the exact number of touchdowns, performance of players, winners by quarters, the highest performance in the quarter or half are found.
  4. Special ones. These include long-term bets, like on the winner of the Super Bowl or another league.

Useful tips on how to bet correctly

The most important thing to succeed in betting is the ability to properly analyze each game. In order to conduct an accurate analysis of the match, it is essential to be guided by the following factors:


  • The general shape of athletes. A good bettor must assess the physical and psychological condition of both rivals, rate the sequence and frequency of victories or defeats that affect the functional state. It’s the right way not to lose money.
  • Face-to-face confrontations. Inconvenient rivals or, on the contrary, convenient teams, long series without victories, failures in a particular place – these are also important things to count on, because they can indirectly affect the result.
  • Main trends. First of all, performance trends are necessary to puzzle out how many clubs score and lose in recent meetings.
  • Motivation. Remember, that confrontation evolution (uncompromising rivals, matches for the playoffs, etc) and historical particularities are very useful to understand the importance of the event for each team.
  • Players’ selection. Injuries, personal problems, relations with the coaching staff, and disqualifications must be taken into account.
  • Weather conditions. Undoubtedly, it has a greater impact on performance. When the weather is rainy it’s harder to run, so that the result may be worse.


So reviewing the archives of matches and studying statistics, bettors can greatly simplify the task on how to choose the best team for betting.

The key aspects to conclude

There is no single rule on how to bet correctly in any sport, especially in football, such an unpredictable and incredibly exciting game, that has won the hearts of millions of Americans. There are many strategies on how to bet on the match, but all of them are situational. The main thing is to be able to analyze the previous successes and failures of teams, the level of the sportsmen’s psychological and physical training, and their motivation. Gambling on sports games is a game itself. So don’t focus on winning, but make an effort to increase your chances to succeed with the help of pre-match analysis.