The NFL bets’ phenomenon

The National Football League is a structure that unites and controls the US professional football clubs. Let’s check why staking on its matches is so special.

The NFL: origin and composition

The NFL was founded in 1920 in Ohio. Then the league included only four teams, two of which (Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals) still exist even today.

Now there are thirty-two teams playing in the tournament. It’s necessary to know that all of them are divided into the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). In turn, each of them consists of East, North, South and West components.

The most notable clubs of the American one are Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders and New York Jets.

The best ones from the NFC are Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Giants, Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons and Los Angeles Rams. Interesting, that the last team is the only to have won titles in three different cities. The case is that throughout times were changing, the club moved from one city to another. In 2016 it finally came back to Los Angeles. This three-times champion has a really noteworthy history.

The season includes “pre-season” games, regular matches and a couple of playoff games. The final event of the NFL season is called the “Super Bowl” and is actually the most broadcasted sport event in the United States.

The NFL stakes: main types

However, American football is a multi-faced game, there are general bets to stake on:

  1. The result. Here odds are placed for the victory of the first or second team. Only in the NFL a draw is hypothetically possible, but the probability of it due to the peculiarities of the rules is extremely tiny.
  2. The winner of the quarter. It’s better to bet on such stakes in live mode.
  3. The total. Be careful, it can include or doesn’t include overtime.
  4. Handicap. There are a few subtypes: on the regular time (including overtime), the half or the separate quarter.

Both quarter and match’s result. It’s necessary to predict the result of the first quarter and the whole match.

The NFL: gambling particularities

In order to place correct bets on the NFL teams is essential to know some featuring aspects:

  • The central figure of the game is a quarterback. Therefore, if the central quarterback’s business trip is injured, disqualified or simply out of shape, the team is doomed to failure.
  • It is pointless to turn a blind eye to statistics in the analysis of American football matches. The information about downs, total number of yards, removals, lost yards, violations, number of losses – everything can be found. Due to this the performance of both teams in any quarter of the game can be compared.
  • The NFL teams don’t play games frequently, they always have a week to recover before the next one. Therefore, players are rarely tired because of an overloaded schedule.
  • The NFL teams have traditionally difficult relationships with each other, so there are no matches where rivals play indifferently.

So what are the NFC bets about?

Striking the balance, the NFL is a really special organization that directly influences the formation of football bets. Since the league teams are highly known not only in the United States, but also in the world, the rules of the league affect the way of gambling on American football. However, there are a number of differences that should be considered to profit on the bet. So don’t be afraid of staking on such matches, analyze and build on its particularities in order both to be involved in an interesting process and to earn money on it.